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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FOURTEENTH TALK           g75

should not myself think of endeavouring to smuggle
goods of any sort. At the same time that seems to
me to be a matter which is open to opinion ; and if
other people are doing that, I do not see that it is my
duty to inform the authorities, because that is not a
matter of breaking a law which injures anyone else.
I should not myself break it, because I think that
when a law is made it should be obeyed. If it is a
bad law I think that we should endeavour to use
constitutional means to change it. But I do not
think it well that any private citizen should break a
law. You have laws in some cases which it would be
difficult to obey.  You have, I believe, a law of
compulsory vaccination. Personally, I should object
to be vaccinated, and should refuse to be vaccinated
except by major force. I should be prepared to go
to prison rather than have that done, because the
thing itself is an evil thing.   But these are all
matters on which each person must pass his own
judgment. Let us take, for example, the question of
trespassing on another man's property. If you see a
man taking a short cut across another man's park, I
do not think you thereby bound to go and say so. If
you are asked, then of course you must say so. In
India (you rpust always remember that this was written
by an Indian boy, and that the Master, Himself, Who
gave the teaching, is an Indian) it is especially laid
down what crimes must be reported, if seen. That is, of
course, all the serious crimes. If you see a murder,