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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it is your duty to report it; if you see a robbery,.
then again it is your duty to give information. But
with regard to a host of these minor things, it is not
legally, in India, making yourself an accessory by
not reporting it. I presume that may be the same
here. I do not see that you could be considered
an accessory to smuggling or to trespass, or to any
smaller thing like that, but you certainly would be in
regard to a murder or a robbery or anything of that
sort. I think that is a matter for the application of
common-sense.   If you see anyone breaking any
of those greater laws, it would be wrong for you to
allow them to be broken without the protest which
is involved in reporting the case. If it be a case of
these quite minor regulations and bylaws, then it
seems to me to be another matter; and, as I say,
in India the thing is definitely laid down by statute,
and therefore one may suppose that the Master
Who spoke, being an Indian, knew that; so that
I do not think that we need find any difficulty
in that sentence through interpreting it as an in-
junction to us to spy upon or to interfere with our
neighbours. Remember that we have just been told
that we are not to interfere with them unless they
are doing harm to a third person.
Then the third case:

If you are placed in charge of another person in order
to teach him, it may become your duty gently to tell him
of his faults.