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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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quite unnecessarily so.  Now it may be well worth
your while to remember that you, as students of
Occultism, are specially supposed to be trying to
develop the next quality, Buddhi,—the unifying
quality, that which gives you synthesis rather than
analysis, that which tries to see the points of
contact, instead of points of difference, tries to
bring unity in the place of diversity.   The de-
velopment of that will be the business of the
Sixth Root Race, and also, of course, in a subsidiary
way,  of  the Sixth Sub-race, which is now
dawning upon us here and in America. Therefore it
is for you to be pioneers in that matter, for you to
try to be a little in advance of the average, and if the
average are still labouring away, perhaps too strongly,
at the qualities of the Fifth Sub-race, to try to
develop the qualities of the future, of the Sixth Sub-
race.  Begin to look for points of agreement.
Remember the Master's phrase: (< There is a criticism
which pounces upon a pearl as readily as your
criticism flies at a flaw," and that is our kind of
criticism. We should develop in ourselves that
kind of spirit as much as we can. Do not try
to find faults, try to find things that are pleasant,
things that you can commend; and in the other case,
mind your own business, and learn the virtue of
silence. In the Theosophical Society we uphold the
idea of brotherhood, and this is a practical way of
showing brotherhood. Instead of finding faults, find