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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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usually that sort of person. That may be absolutely
unfair; you may have simply stumbled upon the man
just at the most awkward moment, and his life in a
general way may not be at all coloured with what for
you stands for him. It is a very unfair labelling.
Look for the good things and label your people by
those for a while. I dare say you might—it is not
very probable—err on the good side, and give a person
a little more credit than is his due, but that would
not hurt you or the person. It is very much better
to think too well of hundreds and hundreds of people
than think too badly of one. Let "us follow the lines
of the Sixth Sub-race : let us be buddhic to that
extent, that we look for the things that are good and
not for the things that are evil. It is a thing which
you ought to have in mind. That which you think
about, you intensify. Fasten your thoughts upon
somebody's faults and you intensify that person's
faults ; the other thing is also true, fasten your atten-
tion on the good qualities and you will intensify them.
So I say let us be buddhic to that extent.