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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THAT brings us to our thirty-eighth page, where we
come to the third of the qualifications. We have
already had Discrimination and Desirelessness, now
we come to that which the Master calls: "Good
Conduct." It l^as been rather differently translated :

in Pali, as arranged by the Lord Buddha, this
qualification is called Upacaro, and that means
attention, as well as conduct. It does mean conduct,
but it also means attention; the things to which you
attend most govern your conduct.  That is the
idea; and always this particular qualification of
conduct, or of the things requiring attention, has
been subdivided into six parts, which the Hindus call
the Shatsamfatti, the six jewels of good conduct.
They are spoken of here as six points. The Master
plunges straight into the thing and says:

The &ix points of Conduct which are specially lequired
are given by the Master as :

1. •Self-control as to the Mind.

2. Self-control in Action.

3. Tolerance.

4. Cheerfulness.

5. One-pointedness.

6. Confidence.