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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Then immediately afterwards Alcyone says, and
not the master,—you see it is put in brackets so that
you may know:

(I know some of these are often translated differently,
as are the names of the Qualifications; but in all cases I
am using the names which the Master Himself employed
when explaining them to me.)

They are very often spoken of by the names of
the first two. You will find these qualifications as
Samo, Damo.

Samo, the first, literally means <( quietude ??.

Damo means subjugation.

But one is quietness of mind; and the other is
subjugation of the lower nature, so that one's
emotions are in accord with the higher^thoughts and
thus you have self-control in action. That is the
strict translation of the Pali words.

Then the third, Uparati, which the Master gives as
<( toleration," really means " cessation "; but it is
always translated as cessation from bigotry, cessation
from any belief in the necessity of particular ceremonies
or rites. So you see it comes to mean the same thing as
tolerance, but that is the literal translation of the word.

The fourth, Tittikka, is literally translated " endur-
ance ". The Master goes a little bit further and says
you must not only endure, but you must endure

The fifth point is Samadana, in Pali, and it
does mean practically that; it means (< intentness,"