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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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later on. He gives the last qualification as Love
instead of taking its real meaning, the intense desire
for liberation. Even as to that ^there is a certain
difference, because although that is the Sanskrit word,
in Pali it is called Anuloma, which means (< direct
order and sequence," and what they mean to imply
by that is, that anyone who has acquired all these
other three qualifications must be filled with this
inward desire for liberation from the wheel of birth
and death. But the Master quite boldly has put it
as Love, and that is because He is preaching the
Gospel of the Lord Maitreya who is to come. These
little differences are interesting to us, because they
dhow the difference between the presentment of the
Lord Maitreya and His mighty predecessor, the
Lord Gautama. The words which I have given are
the words of the Lord Gautama, and the English
translation of them is that of one of the most learned
of His living followers. The latter has died since.
But the presentation which the Master Koot Hoomi
has given us here is that which He has learned from
the Great World Teacher-—the presentment of Love
rather than Wisdom alone. Then He goes on to
take them one by one:

i. Self-control as to the Mind is the first point.
Control of temper means of course control of emo-
tion, and there you come to a point that has often
caused a good deal of trouble to students. You know
that in these days we try to be as accurate as we can