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FOURTEENTH TALK           285

in the detail of our statements as to planes and
vehicles, and so what we speak of to you as the
astral body is one thing, the etheric double is another
and the mental body is quite a third. But in the
earlier writings Madame Blavatsky introduced a
number of terms which have confused people. She
spoke of the kama-rupa,—now rupa means body
and kama means desire ; therefore kama-rupa means
the body of desire, one would say,—namely, the astral
body.  Yes, but strictly speaking it appears to be
used only when you are speaking of the lowest part
of the astral body, the coarse desire to which alone
the name of kama is given. It is very like our word
t{ desire " ; when we mean a really high desire we
call it an aspiration.

That kama seems to refer only to quite the lower
sub-planes of the astral, and then you come to deal
with the higher sub-planes from the first to the fourthy
Madame Blavatsky used to speak of them as kama-
manasic. Manas means lower mind, but distinctly it
is mental. So you have the distinction of kama-
manasic which has led to a great deal of confusion.
It seems clear that when she spoke of the kama-
rupa she meant only the actual desire body ; that is
to say, that. part of the astral body which is compos-
ed of quite the lowest astral matter, the fifth, sixth,
and seventh sub-planes of it. When she spoke of the
kama-manasic body she meant the higher astral
body, where it is already permeated by thought,