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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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because that is what emotion is. Emotion is desire
transmuted into thought and permeated by thought.
The confusion is liable to arise because those things
^re not separate bodies. It is a confusion similar in
nature to that which arises when we speak of the
higher part of man's physical body as his etheric
double. Madame Blavatsky, misled by her trans-
lators, called that the astral body, and thereby laid up
much trouble for some of her students, but the
etheric is not a separate thing.  You can live in
the physical body, which contains the etheric as
well as the dense physical, and you can live and
function in the astral body which contains both the
kama-rupa and the kama'manasic vehicle, but they
are all one. It is a mistake to spe<ak of them as
vehicles, which gives the idea that they are separate
things which you can use separately.  Remember
that when she speaks of kama-manasic she is think-
ing of those higher astral sub-planes and of that
Tiigher part of the astral body where it begins to be
very much permeated by thought. But when she
speaks of the kama-mpa she means the blind desire
of quite the lower parts of the astral body.

I shall have something more to say to you about
that next time.  You will see that in the later
writings we have avoided those names, just because
we found that they led to confusion.  You must
not jump to the conclusion that these earlier
"writings are wrong, or that Madame Blavatsky was