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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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March 23, 1Q15.

WE had commenced the third of the qualifications
which contains the six points of conduct, and had
been speaking of the difference between the teachings
of the Lord Gautama and the Lord Maitreya.

You may remember that, in this <( self-control as to
the mind," I had just mentioned that it meant control
not only of the vehicles, but of the emotions which
played through them, and had said that, while the
lower part of the astral body was concerned exclu-
sively with desires, the higher part of it was con-
cerned with those desires which allied themselves
with thought, and were permeated with it—those,
namely, which we call emotions, those things of
which Madame Blavatsky always spoke of as kama-
manasic^ i.e., as sharing something of the mental as
well as something of the astral.

Now, in explaining that, the Master says this self-
control of the mind means et control of temper, so
that you may feel no anger or impatience ". Now,
that control of temper is precisely one of the things
that is very difficult indeed for us, under the peculiar
circumstances of which I have several times spoken to