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FIFTEENTH TALK   .       289

you. The fact is that we are trying a new experi-
ment, trying to raise ourselves in evolution, which
means very rapidly refining all our vehicles and
making them more and more sensitive, and yet we
are doing it while remaining in the midst of, say, a
city like this, instead of going away into the jungle,
or shutting ourselves up in a monastery with others
who are like-minded. It is precisely that condition
of affairs which makes certain of the achievements so
difficult for us. Not that we could not achieve them,
but that the surroundings make it terribly difficult
for us. If you lived only with those who thought as
you do, in a monastery, with people whose minds
were exclusively attuned to the same ideas as your
own, or if you lived away by yourself in a jungle,
there would be very little to irritate you, your
thoughts would run along whatever line you chose,
and nothing would interfere with or interrupt your
thoughts. But that is constantly happening to us
here.  Not only that, but we perforce meet great
numbers of people, and we have to learn to get on
with them, although in some ways, perhaps, they may
be very different from ourselves, their thoughts and
their general line of life being quite different. So
it makes the control of nerves and of temper a much
more difficult thing for us than it generally has been
for aspirants in the past. Nevertheless, as I have
said to you before in speaking of other things, if we
can do it and if we can attain the victory then it is