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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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so much the greater victory, because of these difficul-
ties which mean that we have already progressed so
much farther in strength of will than the monk or
the hermit.  If we can live the unruffled existence,
we have gone much further than he, because we are
living it under different conditions.  But there are
peculiarities with regard to it. Take this matter,
for instance, of control of temper. There are two
things which can happen here. Some people first of
all learn to repress the outward manifestation of it,
but still for a long time feel the inner irritability. They
learn not to do or say anything. That is already a
very considerable victory; but, of course, before they
have really conquered finally they must get rid of the
very feeling itself inside. That is harder. That is one
way, and I think that it is the more general way.
But with some people, a smaller number, I think, the
thing acts in a precisely different way. They do
succeed in weeding out the angry feeling, and yet it
is very difficult to control the outer vehicles. You
may still get a movement of impatience, when really
the feeling which would have been behind that has
absolutely gone. That is a thing which sometimes
persists. That is not so bad as having the feeling
and not showing it, but we must get rid of it because
it misleads other people.

The perfect control, of course, must be obtained,
because, unless one's emotions have reached a stage
where they cannot be upset, one cannot really think