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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK             29l

dearly. Supposing you wish to write, or anything of
that sort.  If your astral body is swirling with
emotion, it will ^invariably colour your thought. It
will prevent your thought from focusing itself on
what you want to do. You will find, I think, that,
when you sit down. to write on any subject, make
notes for a lecture, write a serious essay, it will pay
you to be quiet for a few moments and steady your-
self. If you could see clairvoyantly—perhaps some
of you can—the average astral body, you would know
exactly what I mean. Take any person you meet in the
street—not a bad man, just the ordinary average
man—and look at the man's astral body. You will
see that the whole thing is a swirling mass, that,
instead of lying in certain striations, where the
colours are clearly marked and are circulating as they
should do, you will see perhaps fifty or sixty little
vortices, little whirlpools on the surface of his astral
body, in violent circulation, and each one of them,
because of the rapidity of its motion, making a hard
knot something like a wart on the physical body.
These things stud the man's astral body all over.
While he is in that state it is quite impossible for him
to think with the clearness and the definiteness which
he could command if he got all that into order ; and
therefore most men's thoughts are never clear, and
their emotions are never definite or one-pointed,
because there are all these little whirls going on all
the time. But most men live like that, and they are