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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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used to it. If you analyse them and try to see what
they are and what they mean, you will find that they
all refer themselves either to som^ little outburst of
temper, or little worries, or little feelings of offence,
jealousy, envy, perhaps even of hatred, which the
man has had some time within the last forty-eight
hours, because such things persist about that length
of time, if not longer. But if the man should renew
the same kind of thought about the same person he
will make a much larger vortex, which will last much
longer. If however he thinks only one angry thought
about a person, that will set up one of these disturb-
ances in the matter of his astral body which will last
a couple of days or so. He forgets that he has had
the transitory feeling of annoyance. 1^ is gone, and
he thinks the effect is gone. It has not gone at all;

it is still there, and it lies there, as I say. Most men
contrive to keep up their stock of these vortices pretty
well always at the same level. They are always dotted
over with these things, which utterly, absolutely warp
them from thinking or feeling as they otherwise
would. I am not speaking of a bad, of an impulsive
or passionate man, just the ordinary man in the street.
Nine out of ten would be like that. They have no
idea of it themselves.

All that sort of thing is so customary in everyday
life that one has to take it all for granted. You ca n
see that, when the man comes into Occultism, he
must change all that, because then he wants to use