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FIFTEENTH TALK             293

the mental and astral bodies for really valuable
work. He wants to help his fellow men and first of
all he wants to ^control these vehicles for himself.
It is no sort of control if he allows them to break out
into a kind of eruption, a kind of disease. All those
things, from the point of view of psychic force, are
like open sores. The will-power of the man is leaking
out all the time.  If you want to conserve your
energies and do good work with them, the first thing
you will have to do is to check all these sources of
waste. Supposing you want to put out a fire, you
must have your jet of water. It must be pumped at
very high pressure and of course there must be
absolutely no leak in the machinery and in the vessel
into which the water is poured. Here is the case of
a man who has in his vessel nothing but leaks, it is
all full of holes; and yet that man would probably
expect, if he knew anything about it, to have will
enough to do something. How can he, when his force
is all leaking away like that ? That being the case
with the average man, when you get a person who is
by nature a worrier, naturally you have a very much
worse case still,a person who is all one sore, so to
speak, so that there is no force left. It is all spent in
that sort o thing.

We are fatally inexact in our thoughts about these
things very often. I have said this before, but it is
worth while repeating.   We have a heritage of
inexactitude from our forefathers. It has been the