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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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custom for so long, in these countries, to regard
religious matters as something apart from practical
life, something by which you do npt live in business
hours; and so it is very difficult for you, I know, to
understand the reality of these things. I tell you
about these things. Other people tell you, who have
seen, and you take it all, and quite believe it; but
still it is to you rather as if it were some kind of
symbol, a kind of poetic expression. It is a hard and
scientific fact that most men you meet in the street,
when you walk away from here, are simply allowing
their force to ooze out of themselves all over, and
that this is why they have so little force left.
You know the average man seems as if he had no
particular will. When trouble comes, l^e simply lies
down under it and groans and complains about it,
instead of directing his will towards it and trying to
make something of it. Most people have very little
force.  Of course there are two reasons for that.
The force, the power in any man, is precisely in
proportion to his knowlege of the true self, the extent
to which the One Self, The Deity, is unfolded within
him. We are all just as strong as one another really,
you know; it is only that question of how much of
that true inner Divine strength we have unfolded in
ourselves. A man has perhaps not unfolded very much
of that divine strength to begin with, and whatever
he has he is wasting. At any rate, whatever the
average man has he is wasting sedulously in all these