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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK            ^95

petty little worries, in all these little feelings and
thoughts which he ought not to have. He does not
know any better ; he is quite unaware of his painfully
diseased condition.

You ought to be on your guard against things of
that sort, and ought to see to it that these vehicles of
yours are calm. If they are not calm, you must take
hold of them and make them calm. They are, after
all, your vehicles. The only reason for their ex-
istence is that they may be vehicles for the ego with-
in you, and the ego must take hold of them and
manage them. So, you see, that is why those who
know insist upon calm. Some of you would like to
do good work in meditation. Some of you would
like to realise the presence of the Masters, to bring
through psychic influences and feelings.   But all
these things must come down to you through these
different vehicles ; they must be, as it were, reflected
from one to another (reflected is not quite the word,
but we may take it for the moment). Now look at
the reflection of a group of trees in the surface of a
lake. If that lake is calm you get a perfect picture,
you can see every leaf, but the least ripple breaks
your picture altogether. If there is a storm, it is
still more hopeless. That is exactly true with regard
to these higher vehicles. You must keep them calm,
you must hold them still, if through them ai)y true or
reliable or valuable influences are to come from above-
People say perpetually : " Why don't we remember