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FIFTEENTH TALK             297

time with his astral body be doing other things. I
have heard it said, for example, to give you an
instance which ^ou a^ know something about,
that when I lecture, say on a Sunday night, various
people among you have seen astral entities standing
on the platform and coming up and speaking to me.
That is truly seen so far, and it is quite often the case
that various astral entities come running up; they
want information of various sorts, they want answers
to questions, or they want something done, while you
still go on with the lecture. You have to learn how
to do these things, and although that happens every
Sunday night, I dare say you do not notice any
serious lack of continuity.

That is onJy a small and passing example. There
are much more serious pieces of work than that to be
done. It is true that the Occultist does learn to use
his consciousness in that complicated kind of way«
You can do it with things to which you are ac-
customed ; a lady can knit and go on talking, because
the knitting is a mechanical thing to her. I have
myself seen curious examples of the same power of
double concentration. I had much to do once with
one of the great banks in London, and I have seen
there how nien who were used to it could go on
adding up enormous columns of figures and they could
sing a song at the same time for the entertainment
of their fellows. I must admit it would be impossible
to me, but I have seen it done over and over again.