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FIFTEENTH TALK             299

controlling our physical body, we are not in the habit
of controlling the mental body; so we think the
physical body the ^easiest, but it is the most difficult
really, because of the fact that it is further away,
that it is more material and therefore less responsive.
People say that you can control pain on the physical
plane. You can up to a large extent, you can ignore
it. They say you cannot ignore the mental suffering.
Now really exactly the contrary is true. The most
difficult thing to ignore is severe physical pain. The
mental or emotional suffering ceases to exist at all if
you just grasp it and put it away from you ; but
it is not so easy to put away severe physical pain in
that way. It can be very largely diminished by
removing fron^ it the mental element. We suffer a
a great deal more than the actual physical pain ; we
think about it and magnify it to ourselves. That is
the way the Christian Scientist gets such a hold. He
eliminates all the mental part of the pain by declar-
ing there is no pain. To a very large extent that is
because he believes only in the physical side of it,
and the physical side of it is a comparatively small
side often.  You may see that in various ways.
First of all you can all ignore frightful physical pain
under sufficient stimulus. Suppose a mother to be
suffering terrible physical pain of some sort; if she
sees her child in danger she will forget all about it
to rush and save it. Now you can learn to do that
without the stimulus. You can learn so to control