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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the mind that you can eliminate the mental part of
purely physical suffering. You will be surprised to
see how much effect it will have [i you try an experi-
ment. We have to try it constantly, because the pupils
of the Masters have to make themselves exceedingly
sensitive, and it is the most acute torture to go about
in a city like this, to go along George Street with the
tremendous roar and all sorts of hideous noises. All
these things are a passing annoyance to you, or you
get used to them ; but they become acute torture to
anybody who is a pupil, who is trying to reach the
higher planes. But he has to learn to eliminate the
mental part of it, to leave the outer things to them-
selves, to some extent, and not impart any thought
to it that might serve to make if stronger.   It
goes all through your physical body and makes it
shiver, but if you think about it, it makes it much
worse; whereas, if you take no notice of it, at least
you feel it less.

- That is the same all the way through. You can
learn to repress quite a great deal, and that is what
the Christian Scientist does. He removes the irrita-
tion of the mental part of the pain, and thereby not
only gets rid of a great deal of the pain, but gives the
physical body time to get better. Leave nature to
itself. Most people will not give the unfortunate
body time to get well on the physical plane. The
moment we begin to feel ill we bring in a mental
factor which makes things very much worse. The