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FIFTEENTH TALK            3oi

Christian Scientist learns to eliminate the mental
factor. If this is eliminated the wound, if it is a
wound, heals muc]^. more quickly.  Nature has a
chance then.

You see the same thing, though from a different
point of view, with animals. You know, perhaps, if
you ever saw a horse with a broken leg, that the poor
creature will eat dragging his broken limb behind
him, and go on quite contentedly. You could not do
that, because you think about it. Mind, it is not
that he suffers any less. His nerves are more sensi-
tive than those of a man, so the physiologists tell us,
but he can do what you cannot, because he does not
think. Of course, he gains that particular immunity
by not being ^.ble to think about anything else, but
the fact remains that the creature that does not think
about it suffers very much less. Surely we, having
risen to the level where we can think, might also
control our thought and decline to make things worse.
You can eliminate all worry under that scheme,
absolutely cut out the possibility of worry of any
kind by controlling the mind. That I think we shall
find mentioned directly.

The greater the sensitiveness, the more difficult is
the task of the student. Whether he is a pupil or not,
he has to strain himself to a certain extent. He has
to key himself up to do his work. All of you are
trying meditation, and that must make you more
sensitive than the people who do not meditate, and