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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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because of that the strain on the physical body is
enormous. You perhaps have all heard that Madame
Blavatsky, our great Founder,^ used sometimes to
have outbursts of temper as it seemed. Well, there
was a very great reason for that. It is no use telling
the outside people; the outer world does not under-
stand these things.  They say a spiritual teacher
ought to be perfectly controlled. Certainly, but she
had a very unfortunate physical body. I suppose
that there never was an hour when she had not very
acute suffering with that body.  It was old, it was
broken down and worn out, but it was the only body
available for the particular work she had to do, and
she had to keep it, she could not throw it away as
many of us might do. As a matter of fact, the
opportunity was once offered to her to do that. She
said: tt No, I will hold it until I have finished The
Secret Doctrine,7' the work on which she was
engaged. That meant that the physical body was in
a condition of terrible strain, and sometimes she let it
do what it liked, so to speak ; she just let it go. Of
course people did not understand.  We around
her got to understand presently that those things
did not mean much.   We had very curious in-
stances of that. For example, she would be in a wild
tirade, apparently quite furious about some tri-
fling things—her coffee being cold or something
of that sort—but while the newer people, who did not
know, shrank away from her in fear, we discovered