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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK            3o3

that if in the middle of that wild tirade you suddenly
asked her a philosophical question, the whole thing
dropped off, was cut off as you might cut off a stick
with a knife, and immediately she slipped out of the
furious rage and proceeded to answer that question.
That showed that it was not an ordinary temper. If
you were in an ordinary furious rage you could not
do that. I have seen her do that many times. We
tried experiments, finding it interesting. I have been
the instrument myself of asking the question. We
were not told all that I am telling you, we had to try
to approach the problem from outside; and it was
not easy for us, because we knew nothing of all these
inner workings. So many people misunderstood and
were thrown off, but I can see quite well now that
she could not help it. Otherwise her body would
have broken.

Then the Master winds up by saying: " This last
is difficult, .. . but you must do your best." That is
very consoling. He puts it in that way ; <( You must
do your best." There are two tendencies our mem-
bers have. One is to be careless and just let it go,
and say it does not matter very much. That is
bad. The other is to torment oneself unnecessarily,
to magnify small feelings into great sins; and really I
think that that is almost worse than the other. That
morbid introspection is a terrible thing. It is like
little children, who, when they have a garden^
pull up their plants by the roots to see how they