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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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are growing. A great many people do that about
their spiritual growth, to see how they are improving.
This is a specimen of the kind of thing: a person
eagerly takes up some good and noble work, some
philanthropic work, and then begins to doubt. He
says: <( I am not sure; it must have been because I
was inwardly proud." Or if you relieve suffering you
think : "It was not really unselfish, I could not bear
to see the suffering because it hurt me, and so I
relieved it; it was really very selfish of me." Now
there is no reason nor sense in that; but you cannot
even argue with such people. It is a serious thing to
get into that state. Yon may get your conscience into
the same state as the astral body that I was talking
about.  You may get it like your overstrained
nerves.  You may brood over little failures and
magnify them into great crimes.  You should
remember, because you must have common-sense
about these things, that thinking over faults strength-
ens them. I have told you that often with re-
gard to other people; if you think of another man's
faults and concentrate your thoughts upon them,
even though your intention may be to help that man,
you are not helping him. You should concentrate
your thought on the opposite virtue and flood him
with that, but you must not think of the vice,
because to do that only intensifies it. Remember
that the same thing is true about yourself. If you
look back over some evil you think you have