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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK             3o5

committed and go on repenting, you are making a
stronger and stronger thought-image of that evil,
which will react ^on you in the future. There is no
common-sense in that kind of thing; it is the old
Christian idea about the miserable sinner. You know
in the Litany we say : {< Lord, have mercy upon us,
miserable sinners." We are all of us sinners, but we
need not aggravate the offence by being t{ miserable "
sinners. It does aggravate the offence, because you
proceed to make a number of other people miserable.
It is always a mistake, it is one of the worst heritages
Christianity has left to those who follow it, this idea
of repentance. Remember the words of one of our own
Masters : " The only repentance worth having is the
resolve not k) do it again," absolutely the only one,
It is very strongly put in The Voice of the Silence^
ct Look not behind or thou art lost." Do not look
back on the faults and failings. Just take the lesson,
and do not make the same mistake twice. Talleyrand
said: " Any man may make a mistake once, but only
a fool makes the same mistake twice." Many of us do
it more than twice before we learn. There is enough
in that to make it clear to you that this idea of
repentance is a mistaken one, is not the way to ap-
proach the thing.   You are sorry, because you
missed an opportunity.   It is no use being sorry
when the thing is done, and the best thing you can do
is to set to work and try to do something which will
make up for the failure. Always the best thing to do