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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK            3o7

with the emergency when it comes. It is a crazy
thing to do ; we say we cannot help it, we are built
that way. It is your business to control your mind.
You can mould your character, you can take it bit
by bit and put it right. You can control your mind
and say: {{I will not worry." When these worry-
ing thoughts come in, get up and do something.
You may be strong enough to put aside the thought
and replace it by another. If you can replace it by a
thought of the Master, that is the finest way of all;

but some people cannot do that.  Then I would
say to you; get up and do something physical; weed
the garden, go for a bicycle ride, or learn a foreign
language,—you must deal with the thing like that.
This business of wooing is one of the worst things
possible. Root it out. I know it is hard work. It
is a sort of cherished pet sin that clings to you, but
you will find you are better without it. The thing
can be done. You must not have an overstrained
conscience, and you must use your common-sense.
You find yourself falling into faults and failings now
and then. What of it ? If you had no faults and
failings you would be an Adept. Therefore, while it
is quite wrong to be careless about these things and
to think they do not matter, it is also equally wrong
on the otder side to worry unnecessarily about
them and magnify them.  Take note of them
and do not do that particular thing again,—that
is the best you can do. Use your common-sense