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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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all the way through. The Master then goes on
to say:

The calm mind means also cou^ge, so that you may
face without fear the trials and difficulties of the Path.

You often hear of the necessity of courage in our
work, and I think some people do not quite see why
we need any special courage. If you try to carry out
the teaching as given in these books, you will find that
you need plenty of fortitude and determination. After
all, those are only forms of courage; but as far as
actual courage goes, you need that too. You all medi-
tate. Your meditation, you know, is, among other
things, an endeavour to bring the higher worlds nearer
to you. As a rule nothing seems to surprise the average

student so much as to succeed in these efforts. He has

been trying for years; yet the moment he gets
anything, he is usually frightened. For example, he
feels himself leaving his body and struggles madly to
get back again. This kind of thing is not peculiar to
ourselves.  I know an Occult Society in England
which tried for many weeks, by means of various
invocations, to raise certain kinds of spooks, and at
last they did raise something. But nobody stayed
to see what it was ! I think a few of our members
are a little that way too. They try for results on
higher planes, and the moment they get them they
are afraid. You see, we have to do with some things
which are quite unusual and out of the common. I
suppose the first time you go out of your body in