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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIFTEENTH TALK            3o9

waking consciousness it does seem a little strange;

you have a passing wonder whether you will get back
again or not. You should realise that it does not
much matter whether you do or not. Go ahead, even
though it does need a certain amount of courage. We
shall find also as we go further on, that courage—
actual courage, not any other form of it, but plain
straightforward bravery—is a thing which is very
much needed. You will find that you will have
to encounter forces of all sorts, which are not child's
play at all. It is true you have behind you the greater
force of your Master, the force of the Eternal Self.
People forget that sometimes. Courage is very
largely a question of your realisation of your unity
with the Self.. If you know that, if you are sure you
are one with the Divine, then you fear nothing; but
sometimes, when sudden danger arises, men forget
that and shrink back. Learn not to do that. Learn
that courage, plain straightforward bravery, is one of
the things very much needed in this work; therefore
cultivate it within yourself. Your meditation is the
very thing to help you to do this, because it ought to
help you to realise your unity with the One Self.
And all that I said just now about our strength of will
is true abcoit our courage. All our strength and
courage are in proportion to our realisation of our
oneness with that true Inner Self.