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April 20, 7975.

WE were speaking, last time, of Courage.

You will find that much stress is laid on the
necessity of the qualification of courage in all systems
of occult training; and it is very true that courage
is really necessary, courage of several kinds. If a
man enters upon the Path, he will have to face a
vast amount of misrepresentation, of calumny, and
of misunderstanding. That has always been the lot
of those who have tried to raise themselves above
their fellows. So a certain amount of courage is
necessary to meet that, the moral courage that will
enable a man to maintain his position and to do what
he thinks right, whatever other people may think or
say, whatever may be the attitude adopted towards
him by those around him. Besides that, the more
ordinary physical courage is very distinctly required
in the process of this unfolding of the higher faculties.
You may perhaps be aware (it ought to be in the
experience of many of you—it is within that of some,
I think) that, as you advance, new regions of
consciousness unfold within you. It is, of course only
the one consciousness really, that of the Monad, the
Divine Life, within you. But you will have to