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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTEENTH TALK            3ll

encounter its manifestations through new vehicles
and in altogether new ways, and the experiences
connected with such manifestations will in some cases
be distinctly alarming to the unaccustomed lower
consciousness. You are used to certain limitations ;

and when these limitations suddenly drop away from
you, you are quite likely to feel that you have no
certain base left to stand upon. You feel yourself
outside of time and space. There is a wonderful
exhilaration connected with that, but of course there
is also the feeling of novelty; there is a lack of all
that you have been accustomed to depend upon, and
I have known many people to be very seriously
alarmed by the success of their efforts. As I told
you last tim^, you go on with your various forms of
meditation, with the intention that they should
produce certain results; and yet many of you are
very much surprised and alarmed when the results
follow. The most natural thing in the world is that
they should follow, but people seem to expect any-
thing but that, because for years they have been
working away and no very decided result has been
produced. They forget that all these efforts are
producing a cumulative effect and that it is perfectly
natural that quite suddenly one day they should
succeed. You must be prepared to face such success
with equanimity, and not allow yourselves in any
way to be shaken. So courage, ordinary courage, is
a requisite.