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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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There are also many dangers and difficulties on the
Path, not by any means symbolical—not by any means
altogether on higher planes—tests of courage and
endurance that come to us in the course of our
progress, for which we must be prepared. A man
who is faint-hearted will never make progress. On
this Path strength is required, not merely goodness,
remember, but spiritual power, quite definitely
strength of character, strength that cannot be shaken
by the unaccustomed or the alarming. One must
learn not to be alarmed or disturbed. So you may
take the necessity of simple courage as a perfectly
literal thing, quite apart from the equally necessary
acquirement of moral courage.

You will remember that a good deal is said about


that in the Hindu Scriptures. There is a celebrated
passage : " What fear, what delusion is there, for one
who has seen the Self ?" Of course, if you can realise
that you are that Self, and that you are not the
outer vehicles, then you will have no fear, because it
is those outer vehicles alone that can be hurt. The
Self within is of course utterly unaffected, utterly
uninjured by any of these passing things. So your
freedom from fear will be conditioned by the extent
to which you realise that Self within you. And so
all the differences of power between men are really
differences in degrees of this realisation, because it is
in itself all power, the power of God Himself. So,
if you ever do feel fear of any sort, the thing to do is