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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTEENTH TALK             3l5

be sure that if you allow yourselves to be over-
whelmed, or your balance to be shaken, by any
emergency that arises, you will bear the scars of that
for some considerable time afterwards.  Assuredly
all these disturbances will prevent the free passage
of Divine Grace from on high. The Divine power
can only pour fully and clearly and effectively
through you, when all those currents are in harmony ,'
and so, you see, it behoves us to be very careful. We
do need courage and calmness, this calm mind of
which He speaks.

The adventuring into unknown realms of consci-
ousness might very well strike even the strongest
with fear, if they were not certain of the power of
that Self from behind. Once you are certain of this,
you rest calmly in the centre, whatever may be
happening at the circumference.

It means also steadiness, so that you may make light
of the troubles which come into every one's life, and avoid
the incessant worry over little things in which many people
spend most of their time.

I spoke to you about that I remember—of the
fact that the astral body of the ordinary person is
always to be seen marked with a quantity of tiny
vortices, e^ch being the scar of some little worry
which has troubled him. If it is troubling him, it is
a very strong and very much agitated vortex; if it
is only a passing worry, it leaves its mark for some
forty-eight hours or so. Consequently the whole of