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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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the man's astral body is indurated with these little
scars. They are like warts on the physical body.
They prevent altogether the inflqw of higher forces.
Any person with clairvoyant vision can see this.
That ought not to be possible for a member of the
Society. Unfortunately we very often see traces of
the worry still remaining. Remember that the thing
is an absolute bar to anything like proper progress.
You sit down in that condition and try to bring
yourself into the state of mind for meditation. You
cannot do it. You must straighten out all that before
you are fit to meditate, and by the time most people
have dropped one worry, they have taken up ten
others to take its place; and so they are never in
a state of calm, and cannot hope tOrmeditate with
any prospect of success. If you wish to succeed in
any of these things, calmness is really a prerequisite ;

and, mind, not a sort of enforced calmness but a
real, thorough calmness. You say, palpitating all
the time; <( I will be calm." It is a noble effort, but
it cannot in the nature of things be a successful one.
Suddenly to try to impose calmness on an astral
body or a mental body in that condition is like
trying to press down with a board the waves of the
sea during a storm. The thing cannot be done.
You must get those vibrations to slow down, to move
rhythmically together, and then you will have a real,
permanent calm. Then you can undertake all these
other practices with some reasonable chance of