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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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altered the truth of the Theosophical teaching.
People rest their belief on some personal ground, and
then of course that belief can be very easily shaken.
If you try to understand the principles, and if you
base your belief on the principles, that belief remains;

if you suddenly found that Madame Blavatsky had
deceived you on some point, you would say <( I am
sorry/' but it could not possibly affect your belief in
Theosophy, which has nothing to do with the ques-
tion. But people do not always reason about these
things, and so a lack of steadiness is very often
something which we have to deplore.

Then I remember the Judge trouble, which caused
a great deal of excitement, quite unnecessarily. Then,
later on, there were troubles in connection with my-
self, troubles also with the secession of Dr. Steiner
and the German Section. That at least I suppose you
can now understand, since you can see the line which
Germany and German thought have taken all over
the world. You can see that was part of the move-
ment to make Germany supreme in the world. Dr.
Steiner was to be President, but the Society did not
want that. We can see now, far more clearly than
at the time, what lay at the back of that movement.
That created a good deal of disturbance at the time,
but it all passed, and you see in spite of all these
shakings and disturbances, Theosophical truth remains
the same, and the wise members are absolutely un-
affected by all these things. They go on with their