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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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incessant worry over the little things in which many
people spend most of their time. It is worry which
wears people out, it is not work. ^

The Master teaches that it does not matter in the least
what happens to a man from the outside : sorrows, troubles,
sicknesses, losses—all these must be as nothing to him,
and must not be allowed to affect the calmness of his mind.

Very few people realise that, but of course it is
true. They turn them over and over in their minds
and worry about them. If you have been on board
a steamer in rough weather you realise that. When
the screw comes oat of the water and races madly
in the air, if you know anything about mechanics,
you know that is likely to do far more harm to the
machinery than any amount of tear and wear. That
is what you are doing when you worry. You are
letting the machinery race. It is not doing its proper
work, but it is just running away and wasting. There-
fore, if possible, do not do it.

He says that all these things which come from
outside are the result of past actions, and when they
come you must bear them cheerfully.

They are the result of past actions, and when they
come you must bear them cheerfully, remembering that all
evil is transitory, and that your duty is to remain always
joyous and serene. They belong to your.previous lives,
not to this; you cannot alter them, so it is useless to trouble
about them.

That is the plainest common-sense, but how few
people are willing to accept that and live accordingly.