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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTEENTH TALK              321

You cannot help these troubles that come from with-
out, but you can meet them rightly, just as, of course,
you can meet thpn wrongly; and to let them upset
you and deflect you from your course is to take them
wrongly. Take them philosophically and see what
you can make out of each one of them, for your own
advancement or for the help of others. That is the
right way to take them. Troubles and sorrows will
come to each one of you, as they do to every body.
That is your karma; and H you bear them philosoph-
ically, if you try to deveEop your character by their
means, then you will make a present good out of that
long past evil. You have to work the thing out,
it is a part of a debt- If you look at it in that
light, <{ I am clearing off so much of my karma," and
if, at the same time, by "bearing it philosophically
and nobly, you can develop high qualities of
determination, strength a.nd endurance in yourself y
then you will be turning the old evil into good. That
is the proper way to take fcbe thing, and in that way
you very much minimise fch<e suffering. You cannot
of course alter the amount of the debt to be paid-
The karma which comes to you calls for a certain
amount of suffering, on your part, but you can apply
new force and very greatly modify the effect of the
blow. You can change wfc at would be the effect of
a direct blow, by an effort of your own, into one that
glances off, as it were* Therefore you feel it very
much less. And remember that every such putting