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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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forth of strength is the introduction of a new force
into the matter, and that therefore there is no sort
of injustice done.  That force, which you would
otherwise have spent in some other way, you spend
in neutralising the blow. You can neutralise it, you
can meet it and greatly lessen it, but in doing so you
expend a certain amount of your own force. You
have, of course, a perfect right to do that. Karma
is inevitable.  Every force set in motion must
discharge itself, but that in no way implies that you
cannot modify its action.  Of course you can, by
introducing a new force. Therefore the man who
knows remains calm and happy even in the midst of
trouble that would be very serious to other people.
The man who does not know is very pften crushed,
not so much by the trouble itself as by his own
attitude with regard to it. There is a vast deal of
imagination at the back of our sufferings. The real
amount of payment exacted by karma is often small,
the suffering is often very great. You may be quite
sure the payment of your ancient debt requires the
minimum of suffering that can be made out of any
thing that happens to you. If you add to it by
taking it wrongly by your own foolishness, it is true
that you may redouble the suffering, multiply it by ten,
but it is not fair to charge that on your ancient karma
which is merely the result of your foolish action now.
You $ee, all evil is necessarily transitory.   You
remember the story of the Persian King who took as