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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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his motto, t( Even this will pass away." It is a good
motto, because it applies equally to pleasure or to
suffering. It applies to good or evil fortune alike,
whichever may be predominant at the time. Even this
will pass away; however bad it is, things will grow
better; in however splendid a condition of physical
happiness and pleasure you may be in at a given
time, that will also pass away. The only thing that
does not pass is the real progress and the bliss which
comes from within.  That does not pass; that
remains for ever.  That is why you will remain
always joyous and serene, knowing that your
troubles will leave you, knowing also that all these
things have happened often before. Whatever i.swur
suffering, you «have had suffering before in other lives.
You have passed through it. If you can realise tills,
it helps very much.  You know that there was a
warning given to you, in one of the Instructions, about
casting dross into the crucible of discipleship. It is an
important thing for us to remember. I think that there
are a great many things which the man of the world
does constantly, and may do without much harm, which
yet would be very decidedly wrong for us to do. Those
of us who are disciples of the Master need the very
greatest care. For remember that everything that
comes into our consciousness is in the consciousness
of the Master as well. Whatever happens to us
happens to Him, because He has made us part of
Him. Now, that is not true to the same extent of all