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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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members of the Society, but remember that there is
a certain sense in which it is true. I know the
brotherhood of humanity, I knovy the true unity of
everything, yes, but inside that great unity there are
other still closer unities, just as inside that great
brotherhood on the physical plane there is the closer
tie of the relationship of families. There is the tie
first of all of nationality, then within that there is the
tie of family. You may be one with all mankind,
but you are assuredly closer to your own nation than
to others, you are closer to your own family than
to the rest of the nation. So inside the great spiritual
brotherhood there are also smaller and closer brother-
hoods, and here you have one of them. You are
members of one body, you should beJike fingers on
one hand. Whatever affects one does affect the rest;

therefore, still less than other men, can you live to
yourselves. " No man liveth to himself, and no man
dieth to himself " ; and remember that in that closer
relationship we are drawn to the feet of our Great
Masters and therefore we must be doubly careful.
Things that would pass with little notice in the
case of people in the outer world are very serious
matters for us. The outer man lets himself give way
to his irritability; he falls into all sorts of little
temporary rages and passions. Well, he injures him-
self and those around him to a certain extent, but if
you, who are so much closer together, do that^
you do seriously affect your fellow-members. You