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SIXTEENTH TALK             325

send a wave of disturbance up to the feet of the
Masters Themselves; therefore it is much more
serious than it wpuld be for those who have not got
your advantages. Most serious of all is it for the
disciple ; therefore that is why we have the warning
about casting dross into the crucible of discipleship.
It applies to all of you though in a somewhat lesser
degree   You see, anything whatever which casts
difficulties in the way of your fellow-students is a
thing which makes very serious karma for you. Many
of these things about which we trouble ourselves are
very trifling you know. In years to come when you
look back upon them, you will say: " Dear me, those
things were not of any importance; I wonder why I
worried so much about them." Things which
troubled you in the past are now quite unimportant,
but when the same things, or exactly similar things,
come to you now, you do not see it and require the
perspective of years. The wise man learns lessons
from this looking back. He says : (< Here are these
things which are worrying me now. Surely they
are just as unimportant as those other things in the
past." Really of course they are, but it takes a wise
man to make that deduction. Then He says :

think lather ot what you die doin^ now, which s\ill
make the events of }oui next life toi that wu (OH allei

Your next life will depend very largely on the
karma you make in this. It ib more than that,—you
can alter the remaining thought of this present life,