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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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because you know things are moving fast now. The
World Teacher will come soon now; the force which
is being outpoured is tremendous^it is far above the
average, and because all that plays round you, to
some extent you who are trying to prepare for His
Coming may modify not only your next life, but the
remaining part of this.

Never allow yourself to feel sad or depressed.
Depression is wrong, because it infects others and makes
their lives harder, which you have no right to do. The re-
fore if ever it comes to you, throw it of? at once.

Anybpdy who suffers from serious depression will
shake his head, and say ; u That is very good advice,.
if one could only take it."  But when depression
comes, it so seizes upon one that it cannot be thrown
off. I believe that that, in many cases, is true.
Merely to think that depression is wrong and that one
must not yield oneself to it, is not sufficient; but there
is a thought which is sufficient, and that is the very
one which is put before you here. " Depression is
wrong because it affects one's fellow-students and it
makes their way harder for them. Whatever I feel^
I am not going to show it. I am not going to allow
this depression, just because it is making things harder
for other people." I believe that will give the man
strength when nothing else would. As for the rest,
you see it speaks of making their lives harder : you
know quite well that many of the unpleasant things
that come to you come through the other people.