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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SIXTEENTH TALK             3a7

They come from yourself really because nothing can
affect you that does not come from yourself, from
your own past liyes, from your own karma.

You know how you suffer by other people. There
is one lesson you can take from that; you can be
very careful that no one else shall be hurt by you. If
some one has said something" or done something you
think : ii Well, I will pass this over. I will not do or
say anything myself which in the same way will make
the day harder for some one else." You can at least
make a determined effort that you will not be the
instrument whereby karma works itself out. Remem-
ber the remarks in the Gospel on that subject: " It
must needs be that offences come ; but woe to that
man by whom the offence cometh ! ?? Exactly. It is true
that, if you hurt or offend anyone, you are only the
instrument of his karma ; but it is a very ungenerous
role to fill. It would be very much better if that
man's karma had come to him in some other way, and
not through your unkindness in thought or word or
deed. We must see that we do nothing which shall
cause offence to a brother or put a stumbling block in
his way. That we often do it because we are not
sufficiently alert, perhaps is true. We must try to
learn to help it, but in the meantime it should never
be consciously done. We can make that resolution
for ourselves. The karma may get some other instru-
ment through which to work; let us not be the
instrument, let us not do that particular work.