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XV 11

ARrzl 27, 1915.

WE were at the bottom of the forty-second page,
where it is said :

In \et anothu \\^} }ou must control } our tnonght,
you must not let it wandei  Whatever }ou aie dom^, fix
yom thought upon it, that it ma}- be peifectly done, do not
let yom mind be idle, but keep good thoughts always in the
backgiound ol it, icadv to come foi\\aid the moment it is

There are two instructions there, and at least of
them it may be said that we can follow them or not
all day long.

It ought to be a simple matter : ct Whatever you
are doing, fix your thought upon it, that it may be
perfectly done." You can practise that with business
or with anything whatever you may happen to be
doing. If you are writing a letter, you can con-
centrate your mind on that letter, and see that it is
what the letter of an Occultist should be.  You
remember what we said some time ago,—that, just as
various little faults and failings which would not
matter much in people who had not vowed themselves
to the service of the Master yet matter a great deal
with us ; so also there are certain duties which are