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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SEVENTEENTH TALK           33l

say that we ought to turn out creditable productions,
and that that refers to such things as these, the
ordinary letters you write. They ought to be decent-
ly well done. Outside of Occultism, as a matter of
common politeness to your correspondent, you should
write clearly and legibly. If you write hurriedly and
badly to save a few moments of your own time, you
ought to remember that you are doing that, perhaps
at the sacrifice of four times the amount of your
correspondent's time. You have no right to do that,
just because you will not take the trouble to do the
thing properly.

These sound small things, but it is the small things
in everyday life that make the difference.  They
show character and they shape character, and if you
insist on yourself doing all these small things care-
fully and well, you will very soon develop in yourself
a character which will be careful and self-controlled
and accurate about all sorts of things, great as well as
small, that is because you cannot sub-divide your-
self. You cannot have a character that is careful in
great things and careless in small things. You will
inevitably forget and be careless at the wrong time.
You must be careful all the time. So in writing a
letter give your mind to it, and see first of all that it
is well done. You will hear later on in this book,
that the tasks of the ordinary everyday life must be
done by the Occultist better and not worse than by
other people.   That is the first thing about the