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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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letter of the Occultist, that it should be well done,
carefully expressed, carefully written or typed, as the
case may be. It should be a decent thing to look at,
a pleasure to the person who receives it. That is
one thing.

Then there is a more occult side to it. Every
letter that you send out should be a messenger. You
should make it a message of the Master. It may be
about business, it may not have anything to do with
Theosophy, but you should charge it with good
feeling, and you can do that in a moment. As you
are writing your letter, you may have in your mind
strong and kindly feeling. That will affect it without
any further action on your part. But take a moment
of time, as you sign it, to send into jt a current of
good feeling of some sort. If you are writing to a
friend, or those whom you know well, pour your
affection into it, pour into it some note of blessing.
If to a brother Theosophist, pour into it a thought of
the Master, so that when that man opens it, there
shall rush out at him, as it were, the feeling of
brotherly affection, and the thought of the higher
things, the thought of the Master. This will bring
back to him that higher thought which is always
good for a man to cherish. So that you wall see that
there are at least these two things you ought to do :

see that the thing is well done and suitable to its
purpose, and then see that it has some soul to it,
The ordinary letter is sent out without any particular