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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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soul or intention, but charge it with a good thought
of some kind. Of course, if you are sending it to
some person whom you know to be in need of some
particular quality, pour that quality into it. It does
not, in point of fact, matter what you put in, but you
should take the opportunity to put something into it.
In the same way you meet a dozen people, some of
you meet hundreds of people, during the day in the
course of business.   You may have to speak to
them, in many cases to have to shake hands
with them (physically a very unpleasant cere-
mony in a general way, not at all a nice thing
to have to do—to shake hands with a quantity
of people who are probably half strangers, but stilt
that happens ^.to be the custom of the country), and
therefore you had better take advantage of it to
pour in a rush of vitality, or nerve-force of affection,
of the higher thought, whatever it may happen to
be. You should never shake hands with anybody
without leaving something of that kind behind you,
because the thing is an opportunity. Our business,
if we aspire to be pupils of the Master, is to watch
for opportunities everywhere. We have one real
object in life, and that is to do good to others. Our
great idea is service. The one test, as our President
herself once said,—the first, the most important test
of discipleship—is usefulness. A man who is not in
some way or other being useful to his fellow-man is not
on the road to be accepted ; you may be sure of that-