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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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All these little daily contacts are opportunities,
and the wise man will utilise them. You say they
are all small things; Well, even if that be so, which
I doubt, a number of small things taken together
amount to a great deal. If you give a little help
and a little strength a dozen times a day, the
total amount of help given will amount to a very
reasonable quantum of help.  But, as a matter of
fact, they are not small things by any means. With
a very little practice, you may learn to give, not a
small, but a very large amount of help to a person
by the touch of the hand, or the writing of a letter.
It is only a question of practice. The letter may
become a talisman. You know how we go to work
to magnetise a talisman ; you can do the same thing
with a letter. The man who has not learned how
goes through various elaborate practices, and it
takes him a long time; the man who has practised
it can do it with a touch. So give that touch. It
amounts to trying all the time, recollecting that
everything, every action of whatever sort, is an
opportunity, and ought to be taken advantage of by
the one who is a student of Occultism. It makes
our lives rather different from those of ordinary
people. I suppose it is no injustice to the ordinary
man to say that his idea in making a new acquain-
tance is very largely: <( What shall I get out of this
in some way or other ? " It may not be money. It
may be amusement, or social benefit, but at any rate