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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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read so vaguely that by the time they have got to the
end of the story, they have forgotten the beginning.
They are so utterly vague; they have just read a book
and if you ask them what it is about they cannot tell
you. They could not give you a sketch of the plot,
or what it is meant to teach. That is not good. If
we want to train our minds (and I take it you all do)
then, when we are reading purely for the sake of
pleasure or recreation, we ought to do that well.
When you are trying to rest, then rest well. Very
few people know how to rest. There are quantities
of people who do not even know how to lie down and
rest themselves. They do not know how to lie down^
let themselves relax, and really rest. I can tell you
that ten minutes of real rest and relaxation is worth
a couple of hours of lying down in a tense and strain-
ed condition, as most people do. Whatever you do,
even though it be rest or recreation, do it well. Know
what you are doing and do it well, even though it be
that, because that also is a necessary part of life.
You would not be doing it at all unless you felt it
desirable and necessary to make you strong to do
your work. 'Therefore, when you are resting, rest
well, and even so keep control of your mind and do
not let it wander vaguely off. Whatever you are
doing do it as well as you can. It is a habit like
everything else, and you will presently find that you
cannot do things in the old slipshod way. You will
say: " I cannot let such a letter go. I must do it