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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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decently. I cannot let my mind go wandering all
over the place.  I must keep it together, keep it
occupied." The Master says :

Do not let your mind be idle, but keep good thoughts
always in the background of it, ready to come forward the
moment it is free.

That is very fine advice. I hope that most of you
are doing that. That is one of the purposes of your
meditation. The fact that we set apart a certain
time for meditation has, as one of its many objects,
that we shall be in a state of constant meditation—
that thoughts of the Master shall be always present
in the background of our minds, so that they come
forward when the active part of it is not occupied by

other work.


Of course other people have quite other thoughts
which are also good. If you have been to India,-you
will find people who are constantly muttering to
themselves as they stand waiting for a train at the
station, or walking along the road, and if you listen
closely, you will sometimes find they are saying a
name over and over again. Generally it is,ct Rama,
Rama, Rama," or ct Sita Rama," the names of
Sita and Rama, the perpetual repetition of these
names, which, remember, to them are holy names.
One of the special points which missionaries have
always made against the heathen is thatc< they are
given to vain repetitions," quoting a text. But I
may say that the repetitions are by no means always

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