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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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vain. They may be ; a man may say things of that
sort merely as a habit, and give no thought to it; but
if you come to that, a Christian also may repeat his
prayers, while his thoughts are wandering somewhere
else all the time. A priest may go through his hours
of prayer because he knows the whole thing off by
heart, without necessarily concentrating much thought
upon it. He may utter his Ave Marias and Pater-
nosters without ever thinking of Our Lady. In any
religion it is possible to become a formalist. In any
religion it is possible to retain the outer shell, having
lost most of the inner spirit; but that is not done any
more in Hinduism, or in Buddhism, than it is in Christ-
ianity, and I should be inclined to say not nearly so
much.  It is a fact that the repetition of names
like that, <( Rama, Rama, Rama," does help to keep
the thought of the Deity in the minds of the people ;

and when it does that, assuredly the thing is a good
thing and not a bad one. We may look down from
a lofty superiority and say that we can think of the
Master, without having to repeat His Name all the
time; and if you can think equally readily and equally
fruitfully of Him without needing the repetition of His
Name, that is a better thing. You have risen to a
higher level, when you can keep the constant thought,
without having to make the physical repetition
of the name; but it is infinitely better to make
the physical repetition than not to have the
thought. So it is not well to scoff ignorantly at the